A beautiful, original watercolor of a woman carrying a basket of fruit on her head; probably a collaboration between Marjorie Nichols and Dale Nichols when they were in Guatemala; approximately 21" x 10" (sight), professionally matted and framed to about 32" x 20-1/4"; signed lower left with "MARJORIE  + NICHOLS" (the "M" from Marjorie and the "N" from Nichols are inside of what appears to be a large "D"); paper may have yellowed a bit and the is a slight bit of soft wrinkling of the paper, otherwise fine condition.

SOLD (item #PT003)


Dale Nichols was born in David City, Nebraska on July 13, 1904. At twenty, Nichols went to study at Chicago's Acadmey of Fine Arts. He remained in Chicago for approximately fifteen years, spending one year as the Carnegie Professor in Art at the University of Illinois. In 1943 he became the Art Editor of the Encyclopedia Britannica. Nichols spent the remainder of his life moving between Arizona, Louisiana, Mississippi, Guatemala, and Alaska. He died in Sedona, Arizona on October 19, 1995 at 91.

Marjorie Tolkin Nichols, originally a student of Dale Nichols, became his fourth wife.  They may have met in Tubac, Arizona where, in 1945, Nichols began an art school that was to be modeled after Frank Loyd Wright's Taliesen West in Scottsdale.  The school did not fulfill his dreams, however, and he left in 1949.  Marjorie Nichols returned to Tubac in 1959, where she managed a gallery housed in one of the adobe buildings that her husband had used for his school. In 1964 she arranged for a national juried art fair in Tubac.  She continued to live and work in a studio next to the gallery in Tubac.  Dale Nichols returned to Tubac in 1989 at the age of 89. (information taken from Google Books and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dale_Nichols)

Dale Nichols painted a lovely portrait of Marjorie in the mid 1950s that was recently offered for auction in New Orleans.