A wonderful tiny tea bowl by Japanese master potter Kitaoji Roanjin; about 1-3/8" diameter x 1-3/4" high; signed on bottom; with original wooden box; excellent condition.

The twentieth century saw a flowering of Japanese ceramics art.  Perhaps one of the greatest names of this period was Kitaoji Rosanjin (1883-1959) who is sometimes compared to the Japanese Master Kenzan.  Over the course of his lifetime, Rosanjin produced a truly awe-inspiring range of ceramics.  He is thought to have produced twenty thousand ceramics, mostly at his six kilns in Kita-Kamakura.  Rosanjin’s pieces have a range of use of different clays, firing techniques, and glazes that cover virtually all traditions of Japanese ceramic art.
from: http://www.asia-art.net/jap_ceramic.html

$625.00 (item #P061)