A History of 20th Century Jewelry
was written by Richard Whitehouse

Richard Whitehouse is not only a jewelry historian
and writer, but also a jeweler.  He was trained at the
famous Victoria Jewellery School in Birmingham, England.
He now has a workshop in East Anglia.

He finds great satisfaction in making small and complex items such
as jewelry using pierced, fabricated and decorative effects cut and
formed from silver as well as large and impressive pieces. He likes
working in silver because of it's wonderful working qualities, and can
be fashioned so that it's highly reflective surface can be made to catch
light in all kinds of different ways.

He makes jewelry and silverware to order. There is also usually
a selection of work to look at.

He comes from a family with artistic links. His father was a metalworker
and his grandfather was a silversmith and well known Scottish painter.
His wife is also an artist. He has three children. They now live in the
countryside in Constable County.


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