Striking Mexican onyx sculpture of Mayan king Pacal; dramatic design with sterling braiding on headpiece, sterling and turquoise forehead decoration and sterling and sodalite earrings; stamped sterling color; about 8-1/2" high; marked: "MEXICO, 925" and design number that appears to be "213;" one side of the sterling braid on the "feathered" headpiece is missing, one earring has some dents, otherwise fine condition.

King Pacal (also known as Pacal the Great) was born in the year 603 A.D. He was king of the Maya Kingdom of Palenque and is said to have reigned for 67 years until his death at the age of 80. Pacal initiated a building program at his capital that produced some of the finest art and architecture of the Maya civilization. After his death, Pacal the Great was worshiped as a god, and said to communicate with his descendants.

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